4 Ways of Processing Fish Right in Order to Make Healthy and Delicious

The way of processing the correct fish-processing fish that would be beneficial to our health of you certainly know if some fish have omega 3 fatty acids is good for the heart, then ate the fish can also reduce the risk of stroke and heart disease chronic.

eat the fish in every good day to increases the memory and memory is excellent, especially for young children is very good when consuming fish every day because it will increase your child's intelligence and preferably grilled fish.

So this time I will share tips on how to fish the correct processing in order to be healthy and delicious.


4 Ways of Processing Fish Right in Order to Make Healthy and Delicious

1. clean fish in the process until clean try pooping fish and offal then wash to clean then you guys can fish meat slathered with olive oil or coconut oil you can also grave Basil and also paprika, tomato and Avocado slices when you guys like it and then bake it half-cooked fish.

2. you guys could also make his seasoning with garlic, turmeric, coriander, lime leaves, salt to taste, ginger, if you guys like it spicy so you guys can add some chilli, seasoning the puree until smooth and then input a fish that's been baked into Steamed steamer and sprinkle the Spice in the puree on top of the fish and cover tightly.

3. place the steamer to the stove with a small fire to let the fish really in a State of Steameds until cooked.

4. If the adoptive cooked already fish from the steamer and then put it into a container with a banana leaf on top of his leave to not too hot you can add additional dishes such as potatoes or rice and chilli soy sauce also.

Do not try to fry in because it could contain oil which is not good for health.

So tips on how a true fish processing in order to be healthy and delicious may be useful for all of us thank you.

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