Update : Recipes And How To Cook Chicken Seasoning Balado

Chicken seasoning balado-Indonesia is rich in delicious cuisines and is certainly spicy one is the balado. Balado is usually made from eggs, chicken meat and may also at this time the article I will share the recipe seasoning balado by using basic ingredients chicken because in addition to the thick cock flesh too easily we get in the market or artisan vegetable so it would be more We also buy it easy nah materials the materials need to be prepared to make a chicken marinade recipe balado is:

Update : Recipes And How To Cook Chicken Seasoning Balado

The basic ingredients Recipes chicken spices balado:

1 kg chicken pieces to taste

1 grain of lime squeeze take water

1/2 teaspoon pepper powder

2 teaspoons salt

Seasoning ingredients Recipes chicken spices balado:

3 pieces of Orange leaves

1 stalk Lemongrass memarkan

1 segment finger galangal

1 tomato slice dice

50 ml thick coconut milk

1 tablespoon tamarind water

Salt to taste

1 teaspoon salt

Flavoring to taste

Oil to taste

Subtle seasoning Recipe seasoning chicken cuisine balado:

10 cloves shallots

7 cloves garlic

5 curly chilies

3 large red chilies

Cayenne Pepper 5 pieces

1 plum tomatoes

1 cm ginger

2 grains candlenut

How to cook chicken seasoning balado cooking recipes:

1. clean the chicken and then give the juice of lemon juice, pepper powder salt and let stand for 3 minutes.
2. heat a wok filled oil and then FRY the chicken until golden and then drain.
3. Saute seasoning smooth along with lime leaves, galangal and serei until ripe and fragrant spices.
4. put tomato, tamarind juice and coconut milk and then season with salt, sugar and flavoring stir stir and leave until the coconut milk to a boil.
5. once boiling coconut milk chicken fried already input let stand until spices to infuse coconut milk shrink and then taste test when less savory salt or sugar can be added according selerah.
6. Remove the chicken balado move to serving plate.
7. Chicken balado ready for warm served with rice and enjoyed with beloved family.


Pretty easy not to make cooking recipes chicken spices balado and reserved sense certainly will not be dismayed. you guys can try make it whenever you guys are willing and certainly able also to your family's menu extra. well it's her Recipe chicken seasoning balado from me don't forget share helpful for others.

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