simple cook eggplant green sauce and fish jambal


Eggplant 2 pieces / pieces
Salted fish jambal 200gr / piece
salt / flavoring
Gulpas to taste
Green tomatoes on dice

Ground spices:

Green pepper 1-2 ounces
Bamer 10 cloves
Baput 2 cloves

How to cook:

boil jambal + gulpas rinse n drain
wash eggplants then fry ,, .. drain

fry for a while chillies, bamer n baput then slices + salt / coarse flavoring ,,, squeeze lime juice heat up oil ,,, should be hot , add green chillies, + tomatoes, stir with gulpas, stir again, add again jambal stir then eggplant ... stir until evenly mixed, turn off and serve. .⁣

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